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Choca-doodle Shampoo Review [AD]

Groomers have recently launched their Choca-doodle grooming range. Specifically designed to tackle poodle crosses coats, we thought we’d put it to the test and this is what we thought. We’d like to thank the Groomers team for sending us these complimentary products to try.

The shampoo smelt, you guessed it, like chocolate. It has a real sweet smelling scent to it. When mixed with a little bit of water, it lathered really well, so a lot goes a long way. I was able to shampoo Piper’s full body with barely any shampoo at all. Despite all the suds, it didn’t take too much effort to rinse out of her fur, which I love. I often find shampoos can take ages to wash out again as her thick, dense coat likes to cling onto shampoo. Something I have to be really careful with as if it’s not all washed out properly, it starts to irritate her skin. The colour of the water rinsing off her was a grimy, muddy colour so I’m confident it’s washed her well.

We were also sent the conditioning spray to try out. Just about anyone with a curly coated poodle cross will tell you that it’s a never ending battle with brushing & keeping the dog’s fur matt free. Piper’s coat is no exception. She “tolerates” being brushed daily, but if I didn’t she’d forever be matted. I’ve found conditioning sprays like this one really help the grooming experience, as it helps to soften her coat & make brushing a nicer experience for her. I sprayed it on her coat when it was wet, but it says you can use it either wet or dry. After I let it sit for 30 seconds, I gave her a good brush as I have to say it did make brushing her a lot easier as there was far less resistance on the comb. Her coat dried wonderfully fluffy too.

Overall, if you’re looking for a new grooming product for your poodle cross, I’d recommend giving the Groomer’s Choca-doodle range a go. Not only will your dog smell divine, it’ll also make the grooming experience a lot easier for the both of you.

You can use the code PIPER10 to save 10% on the Choca-Doodle Range on the Groomers Website, valid until 06/05/2019.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Let me know if you have any top tips for keeping on top of a poodle cross coat!

Thank you,
E & P x

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