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Cockapoo Emoji [AD]

[AD] This is a paid partnership with Cockapoo Emoji


I’ve always wished there was a Cockapoo emoji that I could use on my iPhone. When the Cockapoo Emoji team contacted us, introducing us to their app, I just knew I had to share with you all!

The app is based on the creators little Cockapoo, Sunny, and currently consists of 3 different shades of Cockapoo- blonde, chocolate & black. I’ve been told a red Cockapoo is in the pipeline. There’s a whole range of emotions portrayed; ranging from excited to sad, happy to goofy. Literally one for pretty much every occasion!

img_8235-1The Cockapoo Emoji app can make even the most boring of conversations fun. The cute, fluffy little faces of the emojis are impossible to resist. I really enjoy using the app. It’s easy to use and I like the fact the emoji’s show up bigger than apple’s standard ones. They really stand out.

You can download the app by clicking here, and you can follow their Instagram here. The app is currently only available for iPhone, however an android version is hoping to be released very soon!

img_8238Thank you for reading! Don’t you just love the little Cockapoo Emojis?!
E & P x

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