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A Dog Model/Actress

We love working with brands. We keep all opinions our own & always try to put our unique touch into our work. Products features on Instagram, reviews or perhaps you  have an idyllic dog friendly holiday destination, we would love to hear from you & we can tailor our work to suit you & your brand.

Piper is a 3 year old female Cockapoo. Cockapoo’s are known for being easy going, fiercely loyal & adaptable to any situation & Piper certainly lives up to this. Piper has an abundance of personality & her warm, friendly & loving character shines through. She has cute but elegant poise about her & has mastered fluttering her luscious eye lashes directly at the camera, a truly beautiful dog. Don’t be fooled by her dainty figure, although smaller than the standard Cockapoo, Piper sure knows how to fit in with the bigger dogs & enjoys the company of any dog- no matter what size, colour or breed.

Piper has passed her Puppy, Bronze & Silver Cresta ‘Good Champion Award’ in obedience & is currently working on her Gold. She trains in obedience & agility both at home & weekly with a local dog club & this is achieved with positive based training methods. To date Piper has mastered a variety of basic commands with include; sit, down, stay, wait, come, high 5, paw, heel up, spin, around, fetch, away, drop, sing, touch & jump up. She responds mainly to verbal commands & prefers food based rewards, but will perform for a simple praise or squeaky toy. She is a fast learner & is always eager to learn new skills. You can see a short video displaying some of her skills, by clicking here.

We have successfully worked with a number of small doggy related businesses. If you are interested in working with us, then click here to get in touch! Alternatively, you can get in touch via our Agent at Urban Paws. Click here to see Piper on the Urban Paws Website.