All About Piper

The Furry Family 

I often get asked about the other pets which we have living at home so I thought I’d introduce you to them all!

Teddy (the black dog)- he’s a 10 year old labradoodle. His favourite thing to do is chase a ball & he wins the hearts of everyone he meets.

Ruby the Rabbit- she’s a 3 and a half year old mini lop. She’s got a sassy personality and keeps all the other animals in line. You’ll often find her hopping around the garden.

And finally, Theo. The rescue cat who causes no end of trouble. He’s always up to no good, but that’s all part of his mischievous personality. He loves to eat, and would probably eat anything put in front of him, including a cardboard box.

All the furry friends get on well. I never have to worry about them hurting one another, although  (like humans I guess) they each need their alone time too.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into our furry family!

Thank you!
E & P x

One thought on “The Furry Family 

  1. Mini lop is super cute 😗. We had mini lop too. Our other bunny was lionhead rabbit. But Täplä was too wild back then so he couldn’t play with them. Nice to hear Piper can be with Ruby 😍. All your animals are beautiful 🐕🐕🐇🐈


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