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Camera Obscura, Edinburgh

For my 21st Birthday; Piper, myself & 4 friends spent a weekend in Edinburgh. We spent quite a while planning where we could visit, and Camera Obscura was on the list. It’s not somewhere that you would naturally assume would allow dogs, so it was a really fun day out! We started right at the top of the building. Here, you had amazing views of the city. The attraction is set on 5 floors and is only accessible by a stairs, so you’d need to bare that in mind if your dog doesn’t like stairs or someone in your party has limited mobility. Each floor has a different theme. We joined the 3pm camera obscura show, which showed us exactly how the camera works & gave us a 360 degree tour of the city. The camera obscura doesn’t use any modern day technology, just a small mirror and a series of lenses. It was really impressive!The whole attraction was filled with a variety of different optical illusions. Ranging from holograms, to fibre optics & light shows. There wasn’t much for Piper to see at her level, but the things that she could see, she found really interesting. You could see her trying to figure out what was happening! Here are some photos that we took inside:

We had the best time exploring Camera Obscura. Our favourite attraction was the Vortex. It made you feel as though you were spinning around when walking through a tunnel. We definitely recommend a visit if you find yourself in Edinburgh!

Thank you!
E & P x

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