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What’s In My Toy Box?

Dog Snood by Luna’s Loft

Our friends at Peach & Pooch tagged us to take part in the “What’s in my Toy Box” tag on instagram this week. It was so well received & we had so many questions that I thought I’d share a blog post showing you our top 25 toys!

Food Enrichment Toys
This type of toy is great for working your dog’s mind. Hide the treats inside the toy & let your dog work to get them out. A great way to keep your dog entertained or for a fun, alternative way to feed. Did you know, dogs prefer to “work” for their food? Their ansestors weren’t fed from bowls!

1. Dog Treat Snake from B&M, £2.99
Stuff the slit side with treats & watch your dog eagerly try to get them out.

2. Karlie Doggy Brain Train Cube from Zooplus, £11.99
Place the treats in the yellow trays. Here, the dogs have to figure out that first they have to remove the green pins, then pull the yellow trays out to get the treats. You can make it easier to start with, by leaving the green pins out.

3. Planet Pet Orbee-Tuff Snoop from D for Dog, £19.95
Open the top, pop some treats in then fold the spout back down. I’d say this toy would be ideal for a determined & focused dog as it is quite hard to get the treats out.

4. Spunky Pup Chew Carrot from Amazon, £3.13
Novelty shaped toy. Pretty straight forward, just add treats for quick & easy fun!

5. K9 Connectables Value Bundle from K9 Connectables, £31.09
A toy with huge variety, here the pink & purple parts can be connected together in a number of different ways. You can adjust the difficulty by how tight you click the parts together. Add treats or spread peanut butter over it. Great for the beginners and advanced doggies.

6. Ballistic Hide n Treat from Kong, £5.55
Pop treats in the middle, fasten the velcro top then give to your dog to open.

7. Kong Wobbler (small) from Zooplus, £9.99
Here, you put treats inside then your dog has to knock the wobbler about to get the them out. It’s called a wobbler, as it has a weighted bottom and wobbles about when pushed.

8. Classic Kong (Senior) from Viovet, £5.50
The classic. I think pretty much every dog owner knows what this is & does. Just stuff with treats or pastes.

Interactive Toys
A toy that your dog should find interesting. Here, they love to pull the pieces out of the main “body” of the dog. For even more fun, add treats. Piper loves to pull the flower from the pot, or take the bees from the hive!

1. Kong Puzzlements Escape Flower & Pot from Amazon, £10.49

2. Outwood Hound Bumble Bee Plush from Amazon, £13.33

Soft Toys
A staple in every dog’s toy box, they can never have too many soft toys! These are some of Piper’s go to toy type, so there’s always one near by!

1. Purplebone Toucan Bone from Purplebone, £13.99

2. Yappy Chino from Debenhams, £9.99

3. Chocolate Donut Toy from Pets at Home, £2.00

4. Pet Collection Bear from Aldi £4.99
This toy is particularly good for heavy chewers, as it’s inside consist of a rope toy so more robust than your standard soft toy.

5. Dog Bone Toy with Aniseed from The Natural Pet Toy Company, £9.95

Surely one of the most popular dog toys around?!

1. Kong Squeakair Ball from Amazon, £2.49 for 3
As they squeak, they’re great for keeping your dogs attention in a game of fetch.

2. Hol-Ee Roller Rubber Dog Toy from Pets at Home, £5.00
Tip- stuff with strips of fleece, then add treats to make an enrichment game.

3. Surblue Teeth Cleaning Ball from Amazon, £7.99
Ideal for keeping those nashers pearly white!

4. Trixie Textured Ball from Pets Expert, £1.58
Because this ball has a hole in, it whistles when it’s thrown, great fun!

5. Chuck It! Ultra Squeaker Ball from Active Hound, £5.47
A stronger alternative to the Kong squeaky ball. Also less abrasive on dogs teeth.

6. Small Fetch Tennis Ball by Purplebone, £1.99
Smaller in size than the standard tennis ball, perfect for those pooches with smaller mouths!

Squeaky, Rubber Toys
If Piper could speak, she’d tell me that these are her favourite type of toys. Mine, not so much. There’s only so much high pitch squeaking your ears can cope with…

1. Wagtastic Squeaky Dumbell from Tesco, £3.00
2. Wagtastic Face Ball from Tesco, £1.00
3. Aldi Sprout Toy
4. Long Squeaky Dog from B & M, £1.49

I hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into some of Piper’s favourite toys. What’s your dog’s favourite toy? Be sure to let us know!

Thank you for reading!
E & P x

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