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Beans Boat Trips, Norfolk

We first went on a Beans Boat Trip 2 years ago. We had such a great time that we had to go again this year & we’re so glad we did! The boats sail out from Morston, up to Blakeney Point where you can see the seals resting on the beach. The cost is £12 per adult, dogs go free.

The seals are so adorable. Although completely wild, they would often play to the audience by giving a little wave or rolling over. You can see both grey & common seals. The staff driving the boat give a very informative commentary, but it’s delivered in a very comical manner, making for a very enjoyable trip.

Look at his little smile!

Some of the seals also swam up close to the boat for a closer look. Their cheeky and inquisitive personalities really shone through. I’d much prefer to take a trip like this to see the animals in their natural habitat, rather than paying to see them somewhere in zoo. Piper naturally is a very nosy dog, so she was in her element as we sailed past the seals. She had a great time watching them all, feeling the sea breeze in her fur. As I mentioned, dogs travel free of charge. The only thing to bare in mind is that boarding the boats can be a bit tricky if you have a dog who perhaps may be uncomfortable with climbing over things. It involves walking over a narrow & open gangway, and depending on the tide levels you may have to climb onto one boat, then onto one moored next to it. Piper was fine (I nickname her mountain goat), she seems to have no fear and will clamber onto/over most things. It may however be an issue with a larger dog that is too big to carry. We just about managed with Teddy, as his life jacket had a handle to hoist him over with. Once he was on the boat, he loved it. Life jackets for the dogs aren’t supplied by the way, so if you’d prefer your dog wore one, you’ll need to buy your own beforehand. We had a great time out with Beans Boats. I’d highly recommend a trip if you’re in the area, it’s definitely on my “must do” list & we can’t wait for next year! The sail times are listed a year in advance so you can plan your trip. It’s recommended that you book in advance as places are limited and the trips are very popular, especially in the school holidays and summer months. More info here.

Thanks for reading!
E & P x


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