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Dog Copenhagen

Having heard of Dog Copenhagen before, we were over the moon when they said they would like us to become part of their Test Panel.

Over the past month or so, Piper has been rigorously testing Dog Copenhagen’s kit. This includes the Urban Explorer™ Collar, the Comfort Walk Pro™ Harness & the Urban Trail™ Leash. I always like Piper to look presentable wherever we go, so it’s always an added bonus when you can get a collar, harness & lead which all match. Dog Copenhagen’s kit comes in 4 colours- Black, Pink Blue & Brown. Piper wears the Brown (Mocca) colour. Our Labradoodle, Teddy, was also fortunate to be chosen to be a member of the test panel & he is wearing the colour black.

Let’s start off with the lead. I have to be honest, this is the most practical and versatile lead I have come across (and trust me, I’ve seen a lot!). It has so many clever features designed into it, that it makes dog walking that little bit easier. The padded handle makes it really comfy to hold & you’re able to get a good grip, so you really feel like you’re in control.

The first really clever part of the lead is the built in pouch. This can be used to store anything- poop bags, keys, loose change! We chose to put some training treats in for convenient on the go training. The second well-thought out design feature which can be seen in the photo is the black plastic D-ring just below the handle. This is great for hanging accessories on & as you can see we’ve looped on a poop bag dispenser. If I’m walking without a pocket, it’s also really handy to be able to hook my keys onto it and then I don’t have to worry about them!

The last feature on this lead which I really love, are the built in control handles for added safety. As you can see here, there are 3 loops built in to the lead, which naturally close when you’re not using them. This means you can have better control of the dog when you’re out walking, ideal when next to a road or in busy places.  I’m not sure about you, but on other leads I often find myself wrapping the lead around my hand to make it shorter! I now simply slip my hand into one of the three handles, making for a much more comfortable & in control walk!

The collar has been designed to offer protection to the dog’s neck, be comfortable but also look stylish too. It’ offers thick padding, so should pressure be put on the neck, say by pulling, it shouldn’t cause any discomfort or damage.

Like the lead, the collar also has some clever features. Either side of the plastic snap buckle, there is a metal D ring. This means that when you attach the lead, you connect the two D rings from either side of the collar. Therefore should the buckle fail, you would still safely have control of the dog!

The collar also features a separate D-ring to attach ID tags to. This is a really useful feature because not only does it keep them out of the way (great when you’re attaching the lead in a rush!) it also eliminates the risk of accidentally attaching the lead to the tag’s split ring (which can be dangerous as they often aren’t strong enough to hold the weight of a dog, meaning they can stretch when the dog pulls, sometimes resulting in the dog becoming free from the lead). The D-ring is also plastic, meaning that the metal split ring of the tag doesn’t rattle against it so you don’t get the annoying clicking sound every time the dog moves!

The harness also has a separate ID attachment point (again great for keeping it out of the way!). The handle seen here in the picture is a really handy feature, as it allows you quickly and easily grab your dog should you need to!

With both front and back attachment points, the harness is great for those who have stronger dogs too. Piper has her lead attached in the generic way, at the back, where as because Teddy is a lot stronger, he has his attached to the front. This works great at stopping him pulling, he just trots at heel when he has his harness on!

Piper has been using her collar, harness and lead almost daily for the last month and they still look as though they’re brand new. They have been tested at the beach, in a muddy puddle, and even through corn fields! The kit isn’t machine washable, it has to washed by hand, but I’ve found that they clean up really easily.

I chose the colours I did, as I wanted the collars, harnesses & leads to match the dogs natural fur colour as much as possible. Obviously with Teddy that’s easy, but I think the Mocca colour really compliments Piper’s blonde tone. Dog Copenhagen clearly caters for dogs of all sizes. Piper wears the XS collar & harness and uses the small lead size, where as Teddy wears the L/XL collar & the L harness & lead size.

If you’re looking for a practical & well thought out harness, collar & lead for your dog that is not only comfortable for them, but stylish too, then I wouldn’t look any further than Dog Copenhagen. We are so fortunate to have found a piece of kit which works so well for us on so many different levels.

You can follow Dog Copenhagen on Instagram & Facebook.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading!

Thank you!
E & P x

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