All About Piper

10 Facts About Piper!

Here you’ll find 10 facts about Piper.


  1. Piper is a 1 year old toy F1 Cockapoo. She was born in October 2015.
  2. Her Mum was an Orange Roan Show Cocker Spaniel & her Dad, a Red Toy Poodle.
  3. She only weighs 6.5kg which is petite for her crossbreed.
  4. We train weekly at our local dog club and during the summer months we take part in agility.
  5. Her favourite treat is a whole, raw carrot.
  6. She spends her days playing with a huge variety of doggy friends, all different shapes & sizes.
  7. Being a non-moulting dog, Piper has to groomed regularly. This includes daily brushing & having a hair cut every 6 to 8 weeks.
  8. Her favourite game to play is “find the ball”. If nobody will play with her, Piper will hide her ball under a blanket then try and find it again.
  9. She travels everywhere with me, London, Norfolk, Nothumberland! We hope to travel to France next year.
  10. Although she make look cute and fluffy, Piper loves nothing more to get down & dirty. Given the chance, she’ll be rolling in a muddy puddle!

Thank you, see you soon!
E & P x


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