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Piper was lucky enough to be sent some products from Animology to test & review to our friends & followers. So here is our honest opinion on what we received!

We were sent both the White Wash Dog Shampoo & the Dirty Dawg No Rinse Dog Shampoo. My first impression was that they look like more of a high-end grooming product; the simplistic & contemporary design is very effective and the bottles have an inviting shine to them. The smell took me back a first, in a good way! They smelt so much like my own, human shampoo that I almost thought, had I picked up the wrong bottle? We haven’t yet smelt a dog shampoo that has smelt so divine!

You use the White Wash Shampoo just as you would expect- wet, lather & rinse. I actually think if you put the product into an unlabelled bottle, you would think it was human shampoo. The shampoo itself had a lovely glisten to it & lathered really well into her fur. I didn’t need to use huge amounts, as a little went a long way!

It was also relatively easy to wash out too. Having a long hair dog sometimes means spending up to 5 minutes rinsing all the suds off her, but it certainly didn’t take me long with the white wash.

I usually use a conditioner too on Piper’s coat, to help keep it soft & matt free. I decided not to today, simply to see how the shampoo performed on its own. I was really pleasantly surprised at just how soft her coat was once she has been dried- it was so white & fluffy!

Piper has white patches in her blonde/apricot fur, and the Shampoo certainly did its job in helping brighten these areas. Her whole coat does look a shade lighter, but it is really evident on her lighter patches!


The above photos show just how fluffy & light her coat was after her bath. The after photo is just after she had been dried, she had not been brushed at this point! (You really don’t want to see her when she’s just been brushed, she looks like a cloud with legs!) It’s probably been 6 hours since she had her bath and Piper is still smelling gorgeous now & I have high expectations that this will continue well into tomorrow.

I tried the Dirty Dawg No Rinse Shampoo on Teddy & it did really help to spritz him up & leaving smelling fresh again. You spray it directly onto the fur, it comes out in a medium heavy mist.

Overall, I’m really impressed with this products & will certainly be buying from Animology again. Thank you so much for sending us some great products to try! They are hoping to use Piper’s pictures on their website, (the ones featuring the White Wash Shampoo) so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for her!

Thank you!
E & P x

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