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Daily Grooming Routine

It’s a well-known fact that Cockapoos are very high maintenance when it comes to grooming, so we thought we would share our daily grooming routine.

Piper isn’t a huge fan of her daily pampering, but as she’s getting older she’s tolerating it more.

It’s taken me a long time to find a brush that both myself & Piper agree with. We are currently using this Flexible Slicker Brush and love it. It’s certainly gets through Piper’s coat well and seems to be causing her very minimal discomfort. We had tried using a tangle teaser but it just wasn’t getting deep enough through her coat.

Once I have brushed through Piper’s coat with the Slicker Brush, I then run through her coat with this Comb. It’s really important to use both a brush and comb to get right to the base of the coat and stop matts forming. We like this comb as it has both fine and coarse teeth.

Next, I tie Piper’s hair up for the day. Her topknot is part of her signature look! She knows that it’s time to face the day as soon as her hair is tied up. I just use blonde thin hair bobbles (the type without the metal bit) and just make sure I give her head hair an extra brush to avoid any matting caused by the friction from the bobble.

If there ever any any knots that form, I give a quick squirt of this Conditioning Spritzer and the comb glides through much easier. It also makes Piper smell lovely too!

I maybe once a week use a cushioned slicker brush to give her coat a really through brush through.

Piper suffers from itchy feet, causing her to chew on her claws. We aren’t too sure of what the cause is and have tried an elimination diet amongst many other things. This Leucillin spray however helps to sooth and often completely eliminates her symptoms. She has this sprayed on her feet twice a day.

I like Piper to have shiny bright & white teeth, so to make sure she has good oral hygiene & to keep the plaque at bay, she has her teeth brushed daily. I use this Logic Toothpaste (which has been the favourite flavour so far!) & a toddler toothbrush. She tolerates having her teeth brushed quite well, I honestly think it’s the flavour of the toothpaste which makes it all worthwhile for her!

I then give a quick squirt of this Tropiclean Gel at either side of the back of her mouth.

Followed by one of these Fragaria pills. Both are supposed to help prevent plaque from building up!

It may seem like a lot, but I probably send around 15 minutes max. on Piper’s grooming routine. It’s important to establish a good grooming routine with any dog who is going to need regular attention.

Thank you!
E & P x

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