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Blickling Estate, Norfolk

Back in June when we were on holiday, we visited Blickling Estate in North Norfolk. Like the majority of National Trust properties, dogs aren’t allowed in the hall or gardens, but are allowed in the grounds (providing they are kept on a lead).

We did the Lake Walk as we arrived mid afternoon, so didn’t want to be walking too long. It probably took us more around 1 hour 45 minutes, but we did keep stopping to take photos & enjoy the surrounding wildlife. I think had we been continuously walking, it could have been completed in around 45 minutes. There were different routes joining onto the walk which we took, so the option to walk a little further is there for those who want it.

The majority of the walk takes you around the perimeter of the lake, with the exception of the final quarter which takes you around the back of the hall, through some cattle fields (not so great if you’re afraid of cows!). You can’t take a short cut to miss the fields with the cows in either, so you would have to walk all the way back. Something to bare in mind. The path is very distinctive and easy to follow, with most of it being level. There’s a few parts which are a bit bumpier because of tree roots etc.

When we visited there was not many other people around, so it was really quite &  relaxing. There were plenty of benches around the lake to stop & take in the scenery (the perfect picnic spot!) My favourite part were the dragonflies, it was so lovely to see them flying around.

At the end of the walk, you come to a cafe. You have to sit outside if you have a dog, but there’s a large courtyard with plenty of seating! Look at this adorable National Trust shortbread cookie.

If you’re looking for somewhere fun to explore in North Norfolk, then make sure Blickling is on your to-do list!

Thank you,
E & P x

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