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Friendship Collar

Friendship Collar recently sent us a collar & lead, with matching bracelet for me. I love the idea of having a “friendship” bracelet with Piper, so I thought I’d share my honest opinion with you all!

Collar (left), Bracelet (Right).

First & foremost, my favourite thing about Friendship Collar is that all their products are made from vegan, animal friendly leather. As a vegetarian myself, I always try & look for cruelty free products. To be honest, you probably couldn’t tell that the leather isn’t “real”, it’s soft to touch & looks the part!


The products arrived in these cute little bags. I think this is a lovely touch & shows how much effort is put into making a high quality product. Also great for storage when you’re not using the collar!

I chose the Classic Pup: Racing Green colour. This was such a hard decision as there are so many gorgeous colours & designs to choose from, see the full range here.

I love this colour, it stands out really well against Piper’s coat & it’s the perfect colour for the coming fall season! Piper wears the XXS size.

I love the gold detailing, it looks really classy & elegant. The collar fastens with a buckle, I must admit this was a little tricky to get it to sit properly at first, but it’s fine now it’s been used a few times. I also really like the fact that “Friendship Collar” is etched into the inside of the collar & bracelet, as well as the ‘f’ logo on the front.

On the lead, the handle and a strip at the bottom is in the matching green leather, then the middle part is made from black nylon material. Again the detailing is gold & the brown leather on the inside of the handle is more obvious and can be seen (you can’t tell the collar has this when being worn). Piper was sent the 4ft Slim.

The matching bracelet for me is my favourite part about Friendship Collar & is what makes them so unique. It’s something so basic & simple that most people wouldn’t even notice, but its special & means a lot to dog lovers like myself!

The bracelet mimics the collar, and I think it’s best described as a watch strap, without the actual watch. You get a bracelet sent for free with the collar, but you can buy additional bracelets if you need to!

Above are some of my favourite photos, demonstrating our friendship perfectly. I love the way she is looking at me! As sad as it sounds, Piper probably is my best friend. We do everything (quite literally) together & I’m so happy to now have a product which symbolises our bond.

Friendship Collar also sell a range of matching charms, as well as cat collars! Our cat Theo actually wears the Dotty Moggy. You can follow the Friendship Collar Team on Facebook & Instagram.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about & Friendship Collar, perhaps you hadn’t heard about them before, and you too can now demonstrate your friendship with your furry friend too!

Thank you!
E & P x

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