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The team at Purplebone sent Piper some goodies out this week to test & play with. She loves getting new toys so was super happy to see what arrived!

The first goodie was this plush soft toy, with the cutest toucan design on it. Piper loved anything squeaky so this was a big hit. I can see it being an indoor only toy though- she isn’t going to keep it white for long!

This eggplant toy is super adorable & a great size to take out and about with toy. Again, it’s squeaky so Piper loved it! The little expression on its face is so cute!

I always try & find mini tennis balls for Piper because they’re a more manageable size for her little mouth. They’re quite hard to find though, so these will come in super useful!

The perfect size, see!

Finally, the most practical thing which we received, is this roll of poo bags. Scooping poop is something which every dog owner has to face, so you may as well have some pretty looking bags to get the job done!

As well as having an online shop (and some stores if you’re in London!), Purplebone offer a monthly subscription box, based on your dog’s size. You can find more information here.

You can follow Purplebone on InstagramFacebook & Twitter to see all their adventures! You can save 10% by using the code PIPER10 at the checkout. 

Thank you for reading & we hope you’ve enjoyed to bank holiday!
E & P x

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