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Bliss Cafe, North Yorkshire

Bliss Cafe in Thirsk has got to be Piper’s favourite Dog Friendly cafe, simply because every dog that walks through the door is handed their own portion of sausages, served in a cute little bowl, completely free of charge!

As you would expect it goes down a treat with all the dogs, Piper (quiet literally) can’t wait to get her paws on them! She’s learned that a trip to Bliss means that not only do I get a yummy treat, but she gets one too. The cafe really seems to appeal to dog owners, as whenever we’ve been there’s been at least 3 other dogs in! It’s always really busy too, which is a good sign you’re going to get some good food!

Whether you’re after a full meal or just a cake & drink, there’s quite a lot of choice to suit everyone’s fancy! There’s a good selection of vegan meals too! The range of ice cream flavours is impressive & the homemade cakes are all scrumptious. It’s always such a hard choice to pick something from the cake board, as there’s just too many scrummy sounding options! Today we chose to have a scone & a drink as we visited middle of the afternoon and weren’t really that hungry. The scones are always beautifully light & fresh, with a variety of different flavours to pick from!

I love the relaxed vibe that the cafe creates. Look at the material on the bench seat! The super cute dog print really makes you & your 4 legged friend feel welcome. It’s so lovely to have a local cafe that has obviously put so much thought into making your dog feel happy & relaxed whilst visiting! You can follow Bliss cafe on Facebook.

If you are ever visiting Thirsk it’s certainly worth a visit! We usually like to go for a walk at The White Horse before popping down for a refuel. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading!

E & P x

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