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Be seen in the dark!

With the dark nights drawing in, soon we won’t have much choice but to walk our 4 legged friends in the dark. So it’s important we do our best to try to keep them safe. Here are a few tips which I have picked up over time!Look for a high-vis coat with reflective strips for your dog to wear. I bought the ones in the photo from Pets at Home last year, here’s the pink one & here’s the yellow. The website is showing them as unavailable, but there’s plenty of similar options on Amazon.

If your dog however is the type that would get too warm in a coat, you could consider getting a high-vis light weight vest, like this one here. Similarly, if your dog really feels the cold & you need something a little warmer than the coat in the above photos, Equafleece do a dog suit in a couple of fluorescent colours. Just remember though that these don’t have any reflective strips on, so you may want to consider pairing it with a harness which does- for example the Dog Copenhagen or Truelove (which actually make a harness in fluorescent yellow & orange).

One good investment that I would highly recommend to anyone, is a Go Doggie Glow Collar. I’ve tried a couple of different ones, but this specific brand is by far the brightest. It does slightly depend on which colour you chose though. The pink, blue & white were much brighter than the red colour, so bear that in mind. They’re rechargeable & last around 4-5 hours between charges. You can choose whether you want the colour to flash slowly, quickly or just be on constantly.

Bells! These are useful in general if you have a dog who likes to roam, as it allows you to hear where they are as well as see (something useful when it’s dark). I bought these ones cheaply through Amazon, they easily clip on and off the collar.

This light up lead isn’t going to offer you much help in seeing where your dog is when they’re off lead, but it does help make you & your dog more visible to motorists when you’re walking near a road. Again, it flashes or can be on constantly. I can’t find a link to this specific lead, but one very similar can be found here.

If you use a flexi extendable lead, I’ve found this stick on light very useful. It works in the same way as a bike light, red at the back white at the front. Useful when walking by roads again, but it also acts as a torch so you can see where you’re going better (also super handy for picking up poo!).

You can buy clip on, light up tags online such as this one, but I don’t really find them that helpful and the ones I’ve tried haven’t lasted long at all. They’re good to have in as a just in case though. They’re not that bright that’s all. It’s also a good idea to keep yourself safe. Perhaps wear a coat with some reflective material, always carry your (charged) mobile phone with you, and maybe consider carrying a panic alarm too.

Here are some photos so you can see how everything performs in the dark. It’s hard to demonstrate just how bright the collar is, but you can get a pretty good idea by looking at the size of the pink glow around Piper in the last photo!

We hope this has been useful, have fun on your winter walkies!

Thank you
E & P x

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