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2017 Christmas Gift Haul

If you’re like me, there’s something exciting about seeing what other people got for Christmas. Christmas Gift Hauls are some of my favourite blogs to read, so on that basis I thought I’d share what Piper was lucky enough to receive this year.


1. Good Boy Wagtastic Squeaky Bumbell Dog Toy. Piper loves a good squeaky toy & the raised spikes are great for teeth cleaning too. This gift, along with number 2 & 4 were gifted to Piper by Jasmine, one of the Brownies in our unit.

2. Good Boy Figure 8 Tugger. Who doesn’t love a good game of tug of war?!

3. Aldi Kevin, Katie, Chantenay, Jasper & Baby Carrot Family. These were an Aldi Special Buy & I think they have now sold out nationwide. Piper is a huge carrot lover but her allergies means she can no longer eat them, so I’m hoping she’ll love these just as much!

4. Good Boy Wagtastic Face Ball. Piper loves anything that squeaks so this ball is a huge hit with her!

5. Squeaking Snowflake Dog Ball. This was gifted to Piper by her friend, Bixie. I love the festive print- so cute!

6. Aldi Sprout Toy. Like the carrots, I think these have now sold out. But look how cute that little face is! It’s feels quite hard-wearing too so hopefully it should last until next Christmas!

7. Spot & Mog Yappy Chino Dog Toy. How adorable is this? Perfect for all those pooches who have coffee addict owners. I like the fact that it’s a plush & rope toy combined. This was gifted to Piper by my mum.


1. Dogs: Homeopathic Remedies. This book was also gifted to us by our Brownie friend Jasmine. Jasmine’s Family, just like myself, are interested in homeopathy. Where possible, I try to treat Piper homeopathically so this will be SO useful.

2. Personalised Petlandia Story Book. One of my close friends Hannah bought this book for myself & Piper. It’s so clever as the story completely revolves around myself, Piper & even includes where we live! A personal & unique gift for dog lovers!

Brain Games

1. Slow Feeder. Piper doesn’t need a slow feeder, but I like to use one to exercise her brain. This one is lightweight & is good for travelling.

2. K9 Connectables. I’ve wanted to buy Piper a K9 Connectables set for a while now. They had a Christmas offer on so I went for it. You stuff the parts with treats, peanut butter etc and the dog has to figure out how to get out all of the treats. All the parts are interchangeable for variety which I love.

3. Silicone Mat. I’ve seen Lickimats raved about all over the internet. They sold out at our local Pets at Home so I bought this, cheaper version and it works just as well. I spread peanut butter or mashed banana on it and it keeps Piper busy trying to lick it off!


1. Veni-Dog Treats. Piper loved these! Because of her allergies it makes it really hard to find treats which she can eat. These are made of 100% British venison meat, so they’re perfect. Gifted by my Mum.

2. JR Pet Products Pure Dried 100% Fresh Meat Dog Treats. These are also 100% meat & there was a big variety in flavour. There was only one which she couldn’t have, the salmon, so we gave that one to Teddy. The set included some more exotic flavours, like kangaroo & goat!


1. Animology Clean Sheets. We love Animology products so can’t wait to try out these cleaning sheets. They’ll be perfect when Piper needs cleaning up in a rush. These were too gifted my by Mum, along with the shampoo.

2. Animology White Wash Shampoo. I’d nearly ran out of this so we were definitely in need of some more. P.s, notice anyone familiar on their website?!

3. Arm & Hammer Clinical Care Travel Dog Dental Kit. Again gifted by my mum, this travel toothbrush kit will be super useful. Piper has her teeth brushed daily, so having a travel sized kit will be so convenient when we’re travelling.


1. Barbour Quilted Dog Coat. My mum bought me this coat for Christmas, so it was only fair that Piper got one to match. I love the Barbour coats, they’re so warm!

2. This was bought for Piper by her Secret Santa at Brownies. I’m not 100% sure, but I think it may have been from Pets at Home.

3. Peach & Pooch Christmas Bandanas. The lovely Emily & Margo sent Piper these gorgeous bandanas. One has a Christmas doggy print on, the other has penguins. They’re super adorable are all designed by Emily herself. Save 10% using code PIPERPEACH.

4. Bark & Bone Christmas Bandana & Collar. Bark & Bone surprised us with these in the post. I particularly love the reindeer print on the collar. You can save 10% via the Etsy store by using code PIPER10


We were gifted this Petcube Camera just in time for Christmas. We are loving it so far. Not only is it great for keeping an eye on Piper whilst she’s home alone, you can also fling treats out of the camera via the app. We’ve found these Pooch & Mutt treats work well.

Bling Me Up Buttercup

We love supporting small brands, and when we heard of these gorgeous personalised charms by Bling Me Up Buttercup I just had to have one. They take a copy of your dog’s paw print, then shrink it & engrave it into the charm. So unique and special.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all of Piper’s gifts. We are very grateful for all them, and would like to thank all of her friends for their generosity. Piper hopes you all had a very lovely Christmas!

Thanks for reading,
E & P x

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