Days Out · Dog Friendly · Edinburgh

Locked In, Edinburgh

Photo taken from Locked In Edinburgh Facebook page

When Locked in Edinburgh said they were dog friendly, I was SO excited to visit. I’ve always wanted to take part in an escape room since they became popular & the fact that my first experience could include Piper made it even more special.

I don’t want to say too much & give away any secrets. Locked In is based in Summerhall, a very dog friendly venue. When you arrive, you’re taken up to the escape rooms via a lift. There’s 3 different themes to choose from, we chose The Secret Lab. Bren, our leader, did a really good job in setting the scene & giving us a bit of background.

Once briefed, we were shut in & set off on trying to escape the room. The aim of our game was to try & find an antidote. There were a number of different puzzles & brain games which you had to solve in a particular order, in order to win. It was quite challenging at some points, but was always fun. Adrenaline was high & although Piper didn’t offer much help, she did offer some much needed moral support and she enjoyed sniffing around the room non the less. Locked In provided Piper with a water bowl in the room which was a lovely touch.

Like I said, I don’t want to give too much away. We only just managed to escape, in 55 minutes. If you do go, be sure to tell us what time you got! I’d highly recommend a visit to Locked In Edinburgh if you’re in the area, whether you have your dog in tow or not. Thank you to Locked In for providing the #bestescapeinedinburgh. We can’t wait to come back! You can find more info on their Facebook page.

Thank you!
E & P x

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