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Bluebells at Beningbrough!

Everyone has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the bluebells. They’re definitely a lot later than usual this year, the awful cold and wet weather really had delayed spring in general. So when we were strolling around the grounds of Beningbrough Hall today, you can probably imagine, like many others, we were thrilled to see they’d finally made an appearance. This beautiful sunny weather we’ve been having obviously encouraged them to come out and say hello.

We love to snap photos with the spring flowers, and bluebells are no exception. So of course, we spent the morning playing in the woods. Here are some of the photos we took:

Racing in and out of the bluebells is one of Piper’s favourite spring pass times!

I just love how the purple of the bluebells compliments Piper’s coat colour.

Here, Piper is wearing her Percy & CoChelsea Bow Tie & Collar. We adore all things floral & I love how the darker colours really stand out against her.

We of course, couldn’t forget Teddy (labradoodle). He’s not a massive fan of posing, he’d rather be off sniffing. But he gave it his best today. Isn’t he handsome!

Beningbrough Hall is trialling specific Dog Friendly, “Waggy Tail” days, over the next 3 months. Currently, dogs aren’t permitted into the gardens of the house. However on selected dates, you can now take your four-legged friend with you pretty much everywhere (exception of the actual house, walled garden & kids play area). We think this is a great idea & hope that the team at Beningbrough do eventually lift their dog ban. Beningbrough is such a lovely place to visit & so many people are turned away with dogs. If you’re in the area, I’d really recommend making an effort to visit on one of their special dog friendly days. The more popular they are, the more likely they’ll change the rules long term. Sadly my planning didn’t pull together and we didn’t visit on a dog friendly day. We’ll sure be back for one in May though! Dogs must be kept on a lead (no extendable leads) and you are expected to pick up after your dog, but this is just common sense and normal ground rules in an establishment like this.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading, but more importantly we hope you’re enjoying the beautiful weather!

Thank you,
E & P x

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