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London with Jordan Matter

So a couple of months ago, we were invited to come down to London and take part in one of Jordan Matter’s world famous 10 Minute Photo Challenges. We were SO excited to take part. Being a huge Dance Moms fan, I’ve been following Jordan’s photography for a while now. Jordan primarily focuses on Dance Photography (and this is what he’s known for) so we didn’t really know what to expect & how he would incorporate Piper into his challenge!

On the train, let’s go!

The shoot itself took place at St Martin’s Lane Hotel in Covent Garden. A beautiful, contemporary hotel nestled away from all of London’s hustle and bustle. The staff here were so kind & couldn’t do enough to help Piper feel comfortable.

Fresh water on tap!

We had the privilege of meeting such talented dancers too. 5 dancers in total took part in the challenge. The theme was a ‘family holiday gone wrong’; Céline & Philipp acted as the ‘parents’, and Ruby (11), Isabelle (14) & Jess (15) were their ‘children’.

Jess, Ruby, Piper & Isabelle
Darcey, Myself, Piper, Jordan & Céline. Photo taken by Céline
Photo taken by Ruby

Piper was used for a shot with Ruby. The final image, which you can see below, looks as though Ruby & Piper are kissing. We only had a couple of attempts to get the shot in the very quick (probably less than 1 minute) time frame, so Ruby very bravely held one of Piper’s dog treats in her teeth whilst Piper attempted to gently remove it. This resulted in the perfect shot, as it really did look as though Piper was kissing Ruby!

Photo taken by Jordan Matter

You an view the full version of the 10 Minute Photo Challenge which we took part in here. The rest of the shots from the shoot can be seen below.

If you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend checking out Jordan’s other challenges on YouTube. Even if you’re not into dance, they’re so thrilling to watch & really create an ‘on the edge of your seat’ viewing experience. Make sure you subscribe too, as once he hits 1 Million subscribers, Jordan will be releasing another video which we got involved in. Keep your eyes peeled! We had the best time working with Jordan & his camera man Sandy, thank you again for the opportunity!

Of course, no trip to London is complete without a bit of sightseeing! We managed to fit in some of the popular tourist attractions such as Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Westminster etc. Coincidentally, the Chelsea Flower Show was on at the same time as our visit so Kings Road in Chelsea was out in full bloom, meaning we got some beautiful photos with some picturesque floral arrangements too.

London Bridge
Buckingham Palace
London Eye (it’s tiring work being in London)
What do you mean this isn’t my house?
The Ivy, Chelsea Garden

Thank you for reading! We hope you enjoyed watching the 10 Minute Challenge and found it as much fun as we did!

Thank you!
E & P x

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