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Siccaro, The Dog Drying Coat

For the last couple of months, we’ve been testing Siccaro’s Supreme Pro- Premium Wet Dog Drying Coat. We’ve heard amazing things about these drying coats in the past, so we were keen to put it through it’s paces!

We were very kindly sent the coat in the “Bamboo” colour & Piper wears the size medium. It’s no secret that Piper will take every opportunity possible to go swimming or cover herself in mud, so since receiving the coat it has without a doubt become one of our favourite every day essentials.

The Siccaro drying coats contain unique ‘Wet2Dry’ technology.

“At the core of our unique dog robes, is a special textile technology that Siccaro has developed called Wet2Dry. It took 1.5 years of research to discover a viscose blend that can absorb up to 11 times it’s own weight in water! The Wet2Dry textile is quilted together with a layer of organic bamboo terry towel, which adds an extra layer of absorbency and warmth. Because bamboo has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, it has the added effect of reducing bad odours after becoming damp after multiple uses on wet dogs. Supreme Pro is an unrivaled dog dryer due to the unique Wet2Dry fabric technology unique to Siccaro and is the reason why they are called ‘The world’s most absorbent dog drying coats.”

We can really vouch for how effective the Wet2Dry material is. I placed the coat, without thinking, on damp sand and when I returned to pick it up it was completely soaked through & very heavy. The coat had soaked up the water from the sand & had even left the sand directly underneath the coat dry. Although a little inconvenient for us as I couldn’t put the coat on Piper until it had dried, it asserted for us just how good at it’s job the Siccaro drying coat is.


Here are some “before” photos to demonstrate how well the coat works. As you can tell, she is very vet & sandy.

I put the drying coat on her straight after she’s finished in the water. I don’t dry her with a towel first, literally pop it straight on (sometimes she’s still dripping wet).

Generally, I need to leave the coat on for 20-40 minutes for her to be fully dry, depending on how wet she was to start with. She tolerates the coat well (as she does most coats) however if we’re still walking she prefers to have the hood down. She’ll sit with it up if she’s in the car or sat quietly though.

The coat has great overall fit. It covers all of her back (something which I love as I’ve found other brands have fallen short). There’s also great coverage on her chest and under her waist. The waist strap is wide & is very easy to fasten. Although the front legs aren’t covered, the back legs are I’d say 70% covered. Overall it’s the best fitting drying coat we’ve tried.


Here are the “after” photos. As mentioned previously, the coat usually stays on Piper for 20-40 minutes. I think on this specific time it was on for just over 30 minutes (although probably could have done with a couple of minutes longer, but it was a hot sunny day and she started to get too warm). As you can see, she’s pretty much dry (which exception to her head as she didn’t have the hood up very long). It had removed all the sand from her coat & left her looking as though she’d been freshly bathed. If you own a long-haired, lighter coloured dog you can appreciate this is no easy task.

We really do love the coat & the attention to detail which had been put into the coat. The hood has an elastic rim so it sits nicely against the dog’s face. It also features a zip so it can be rolled down if desired.

The back legs feature these clever tension straps, allowing you to fit the coat perfectly to the size of your dog’s back leg. This gives you the option to choose to have a snug or a loose fit.

The buckle on the waist strap is really easy to un-clip; both one handed & with gloves I didn’t have any issues. It’s lightweight so sits nicely on top of the dog’s back without causing them any annoyance or discomfort.

The Wet2Dry technology means that the coat needs washing very rarely. I think I’ve only had to wash it once since receiving it. Once I’ve finished using the coat on Piper, I hang it up to dry for a couple of hours and it’s as good as new & ready to go again. It cleans itself up really well. If it does need laundering, it’s simple & easy to do. It can be machine washed & tumble dried on a low heat.

Overall, we love the drying coat & would highly recommend to anyone. Although it does come with higher price tag, you really do get what you pay for & I could confidently say from the quality I’ve seen in the coat Piper was sent, it would easily last the lifetime of your dog (if not longer). It’s so well designed & performs so highly, making it a worthwhile investment. If you’re interested, you can buy directly from the Siccaro Website or if you send an email to a member of the team will respond to your enquiry.

We would like to thank Siccaro for this collaboration & we are very grateful that they sent us the drying coat free of charge in return for some photos and this blog post. Don’t forget you can follow Siccaro on Instagram. They also have an Instagram account dedicated to Working Dogs, if you’re interested in that too.

Thank you for reading.
E & P x

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