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Marigold Cafe, Knaresborough

A trip to the Marigold Cafe has been on my “must see” list for ages, well over a year. Last week we finally got round to visiting & it was so much fun!

Now, the Marigold isn’t just your standard cafe. It’s nestled right next to the river Nidd (offering BEAUTIFUL views) & for a small fee of £6 per adult (dogs go free) you can hire a rowing boat for an hour to explore the town by river. Now admittedly, unless you’re an experienced rower you’re not going to venture far as it takes a while to get used to maneuvering the boat, but it still offers great fun & something different to try.

There aren’t any restrictions to dogs going on the boats. It’s worth being aware though that if they jump straight on, the boat will rock (just the same as it does when the humans get in) as it’s a small rowing boat. A lot of dogs wouldn’t like this, and we knew Teddy would hate it so we left him on dry land. Piper on the hand loved it (as she loves trying all things new & adventurous).

You’re free to row at your own pace & explore as far as you wish (so long as you return in the hour). Boats take up to 4 people (however I’m not sure if this is affected if you have a dog with you).

After boating, we treated ourselves to a spot of lunch in the cafe. The menu offered a large variety of tasty & affordably priced food. We were very happy with our meals. The portions were plenty & the food was fresh.

All in, the Marigold Cafe & Boating was an enjoyable day out and I’d definitely recommend if you’re looking for something a little different to do with your dog.

Thanks for reading.
E & P x

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