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5 Ways to Spend Valentines with your Pet, featuring The Innocent Pet

It’s the 1st of February and that means only one thing, Valentine’s Day is 2 weeks away! Together with The Innocent Pet Team, we have put together some top tips for ways which you could spend valentines with your V.I.P (Very Important Pet).

[AD- Free Products] The Innocent Pet team kindly sent us (free of charge) the treats mentioned below, in return for a blog post featuring them. All opinions regarding the treats are my own.

Sliced Duck Sausage (dog), Herb Garden Nibbles (guinea pig), Skin & Coat Support (dog), Chicken & Duck Slices (cat), Sliced Venison Sausage (dog)
No. 1– A Pawfect Valentine’s Doggy Walk
The beach? A woodland walk? Playing Ball in a field? Wherever your favourite place to go for a walk is, grab your coat & lead and get out there. Take the opportunity to go somewhere you wouldn’t usually go & enjoy exploring together. Your dog will love you for it & you’ll enjoy the day out in the fresh air.

No. 2– Spa Products to Treat Yourselves to a Lovely Bath
There’s nothing more relaxing than having a long soak in the bath, pampering yourself with some of your favourite spa products. Why not treat your pooch to a relaxing bath with some sweet-smelling shampoo? Afterwards pop a drying coat/jumper on them and enjoy a bath yourself whilst they snooze. Light some candles, grab a glass of wine & enjoy the bubbles.

No. 3– Learning a New Trick to Increase your Bond
Roll over? Fetch? Carry? Speak? Teach your dog a new trick. Dogs love to learn & please, so taking the time to work on a new trick with them will really deepen your bond. They’ll love spending the time with you & you’ll be able to show off your new trick to all your friends

No. 4- Cosy Evening in Watching a Film
Pick out your favourite film, grab the popcorn, a cosy blanket and settle in on the sofa for a movie marathon together. Cosy cuddles are always going to be a great way to spend the evening together. Why not choose an animal related film? Your pet may enjoy watching animals on the TV. If not, they’ll definitely enjoy the snooze!

No. 5- Treating Yourselves to Something Yummy
Grab yourself your favourite chocolates & but don’t forget to grab your pet their favourite treat too. Everyone loves indulging in treats, including our furry friends, so what better way to spend your valentines.

Looking for some inspiration for new treats? Try The Innocent Pet. They make healthy, natural treats for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits & Guinea Pigs.

Featuring Theo, Wilf, Teddy, Theo & Piper

I gathered the whole furry family together to try out The Innocent Pet Range. I love the minimal & natural ingredients, which are especially good for Piper who suffers with allergies. No fillers or nasties added in, which is always something I look for when choose my pets’ treats. Piper’s favourite was the Sliced Venison Sausage, she’d do anything for another. Teddy loved the Sliced Duck and the Skin & Coat Support will be perfect for keeping his coat in tip-top condition. Now that he’s getting a bit older, he needs a bit of extra help to keep his coat looking luscious.

If you know cats, you’ll know that they’re known for being notoriously fussy & Theo is no exception. There are very few treats that he’ll eat, but I’m pleased to report he loved the Chicken & Duck Slices.

Guinea Pigs on the other hand live for food; all they do is eat, sleep & poo. So it was no surprise that Wilf & Ernie gobbled up their treats straight away. What is interesting though, is when I put a selection of different treats in their cage, they both chose to eat the Innocent Guinea Herb Garden Nibbles first. They have a very aromatic smell, which I can only assume must really appeal to the piggies.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post. Please do let us know how you end up spending valentines with your pet, we’d love to hear!

Thanks for reading.
E & P x

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