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Winter Essentials 

Now that winter is upon us, I thought I’d share some of our favourite winter essentials. Managing all the muddy paw prints & soggy dogs can be a mammoth task, so the following items help to make things a little easier for us owners…

Equafleece Piper’s Equafleece Dog Suit is a life saver over the winter months. Not only does it keep her toasty warm & dry, it keeps her so much cleaner too. When she’s wearing it, I only have to worry about washing her paws & sometimes her tail. The equafleece saves so much time! Just sling it in the washing machine & it comes out brand new. You can see our full review on Piper’s equafleece collection here.

Dirt Control Pet MatWe lay this Dirt Control Pet Mat by the back door & it really helps to dry off the dogs paws when they run over it. It keeps hold of all the muck too, we just shake it out every couple of days. It saves so much time and is far easier than chasing the dogs around with a towel trying to dry their paws!

Mudbuster Paw Cleaner

Before & After

Now this really is without a doubt my favourite purchase this winter. Paired with an Equafleece, the paw cleaner makes dealing with muddy paws after walks so much quicker & easier. Simply fill with warm water, push the dogs paw in & out a couple of times, then dry with a towel. I can get all 4 paws done in one go. You can buy the Paw Cleaner on Amazon Prime if you need it in a hurry, or cheaper on eBay if you’re happy to wait a couple of days for delivery. I use the size medium on both Piper & Teddy (Labradoodle).

Paw ButterPaw Butter is a great way to help protect your dog’s pads in the winter months. Like human hands, dog paws can become dry & cracked in the cold weather. Not only does paw butter soothe this, it also helps to protect your dog’s paws from the salt used to grit the roads during winter. If you didn’t already know, the salt can be dangerous for dogs if they ingest it. We use this Pet Head Paw Butter. It smells lovely & Piper seems to think it tastes nice too, she’s mad!

Microfibre TowelsYou can buy microfibre towels from pretty much any pet shop & they’re readily available online. They’re much more absorbent than traditional towels, so they make towelling of soggy dogs that bit quicker & easier!

Drying BagNow these are great for containing a wet, muddy dog, say in the car for example. Just zip them in, let them have a nap & they’ll come out dry. The one shown in the picture is similar to this one here. I also have this microfibre one too. It’s a lot more money but equally does a much better job. The dogs come out pretty much spotless clean in the microfibre version- you just rub them down once their sat inside then shake the mud out once they’ve come out.

Ruff & Tumble Drying CoatI always pop this Ruff & Tumble on Piper after she’s come out of the shower or she’s been caught out in the rain. It’s great for not only drying her off but keeping her warm too. It’s made of a lovely, soft towel material.

I hope you’ve been able to pick up & few tips and ideas for making the winter months a bit less stressful.

Thanks for reading!
E & P x

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