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Furbo Dog Camera


I’m pretty sure most dog owners would admit to worrying about their dogs when they are left home alone. However, worry no more. We’ve been testing out the Furbo dog camera, and here’s what we’ve got to say.

Furbo is essentially a baby monitor for your dog. It allows you to watch (and listen), in real-time, to what they’re up to. As well as recording the live stream, you can also remotely throw treats for them too. All of this can be done by downloading the Furbo app on to your phone & making sure you have an internet connection. Both your mobile device & the Furbo device at home have to have an internet connection for it to work. For most people though, this is fine as the Furbo connects to your home WiFi & your mobile uses your 3G data.

The treat throwing feature, is for sure Piper’s favourite feature. You fill the top of the Furbo with small-sized treats, and when you instruct the camera to do so via the app, the Furbo will fling 2 to 3 treats across the room. This is a great way to ease boredom for a dog who is home alone. They’ll have to sniff the treats out as the fire in different directions. We’d recommend testing this feature when you’re present in the room. It scared Piper at first, but it didn’t take her long to realise that the sound meant a treat was coming her way!

The camera has lots of other handy built-in features. My favourite is the infra-red; meaning you can see your dogs perfectly in poor light/darkness. No need to worry about the camera not working in the dark. Another useful feature is the sound notification. Should your dog start barking, Furbo will recognise this and send a notification to your phone via the app. I can imagine this being particularly helpful if you have grumpy neighbours or have a dog who suffers from separation anxiety.

Setting up the Furbo is really quick & easy. All you need to do is plug the camera in to the mains, download the app then follow the onscreen instructions. Connect the camera via Bluetooth, then sync the camera with your home WiFi & hey- presto, you’re good to go.

The camera looks modern and minimalistic, allowing it to blend seamlessly in any room. It’s white design is neutral & subtle.

This number 1 best seller on Amazon is currently on offer for Christmas. For a limited time, you can buy the Furbo for £129, a saving of over £120. Click here to take up this amazing offer and treat your pet in time for Christmas!

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