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Pet Milestone Cards- Naughty Dog Edition

We’ve previously reviewed Pet Milestone Card’s Puppy Pack here. However recently, Piper got her paws on their newly launched pack, aimed at Naughty Dogs. We thought it was so much fun that we had to share with you all.

Now, to be perfectly honest, Piper is a bit of a goody two shoes and therefore is very rarely “naughty”, so we did have to stage some photos for this blog post. After all, she takes her Therapy Dog role very seriously.

The pack comes with 20 different designs, 10 double sided A5 pieces of card, ranging from “I hump things” to “I jump on the furniture when I’m not allowed”.

The gorgeous (and funny) designs are printed onto high quality, 250gsm card, making this pack a perfect, novelty gift for someone who has a defiant dog or a prankish puppy.

Everyone loves capturing photos of their dog & creating memories. However naturally we tend to prefer to capture the “good bits”. The Naughty Dog pack motivates us to remember, perhaps, the “bad bits” too. After all, the rebellious side to our dogs’ characters makes their personalities so unique, lovable & memorable. Although potentially not that funny at the time, our dogs’ “oops” moments do become treasured memories, something we can look back on and laugh at. The Naughty Dog cards encourage & compliments this perfectly. I certainly know that I will treasure the photos that I’ve taken of Piper for this blog post.

check out Theo, the cat

You can buy your own pack of Naughty Dog Cards here, as well as the original Puppy Milestone Cards & the Rescue Dog Cards too. Don’t forget to follow Pet Milestone Cards on Instagram for regular, both cute & funny, updates from their furry customers.

Thank you for reading!
E & P x

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